Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more hobbies

More hobbies! That's what I need! Especially this week. Entries for the Craft Competition at the OC Fair are due this weekend, and I am not anywhere near done with my entries. I also started making a boat load of things to sell on etsy to raise my profile with a local crafting affliliate (or two) which are all half-done. Additionally, I have been reading a lot, catching up on old movies (in fairness, I craft while TV is on), eating, and trying to knock out a couple of hours a night of sleep. PLUS I've got concerts to attend, movies in the cemetery to watch, Disneyland to visit, and a feud to moderate.

All the while, Ruckus will not just find a quiet spot to lay down. He alternates between staring at me, directly in my face, and scratching on anything that makes noise. AND to add insult to injury, my iPod is on permanent shuffle mode and driving me batshit crazy.

So what am I doing? Teaching myself to render images in Photoshop. Of course! Thus, the banner and my new various icons 'round town. AND some new image works for The Taint. It's laborious and tedious and detailed and I love it. Do you need an image? Really? Please?! Send it to me! Give me another excuse not to vacuum!

Also: what do you think about the text area being purple like this? Is it hard to read with black font on purple? Should I put it back to white?

update: I found the shuffle solution! Whew!


amyp said...

colors look good to me

Patricia said...

i like the purple.


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