Friday, June 20, 2008

technology - go! county fair - no!

Do you already use Google Reader? I do and I love it. You just add in your favorite websites and bam! You can see when things are updated on all of them in just one page, which is handy.

Plus, you can 'star' your favorite posts to go back to anytime and 'share' your favorites with other people. I really love this feature and thanks to Kate I am always getting awesome updates from sites that I wouldn't have thought to go and look at.

If you want to join up with me (yay!) use this email address: giddygirlie [at] gmail [dot] com. For a sneak peek at some of the things that I have shared with my friends, click here.

In other news... if I don't spend the entire night crafting my fingers to the bone, I am going to miss the Fair entry deadline for the craft contest. Which isn't really a big deal. I'm kind of ok with it, especially right now, because I have been so busy with everything else. Plus, now whatever I make will be available immediately for sale on etsy. Hey!


Sizzle said...

LOVE google reader. It's an addiction of sorts.

katedanley said...

The Google Reader has changed my life!!! Anyone who wants to friend me along with your friend-age of Giddy, I'd love to read what you've got going on! katedanley at gmail dot com


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