Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rewind back to Monday.

Monday was Kate's birthday. You know Kate, right? If you don't know her yet, go introduce yourself. You'll like her, I promise. I'll guarantee you a full refund if you don't. And what did Kate want to do for her birthday? She wanted to see MacBeth. Ok, fair enough - oh wait, MacBeth performed by tiny ninja toys. OK!

So we went. And so did a bunch of other people who adore Kate. We filled up the entire balcony, creating a heatwave of laughter and adoration. When we left, everyone was sweaty but smiling. The tiny ninjas were great! There were some funny parts (you can't have ninjas playing the McDuffs without stifling a giggle) but it was serious theater. And Dov Weinstein not only directs the ninjas (and smiley face people and other quarter machine toys) but he plays all of the lines. The entire play. It's not played in a ninja voice or with a lot of karate-chops, like I expected, it was much more serious and actually very dramatic and full of sincerity. Great show.

Kate says SIT DOWN or goddamnit she will turn this balcony around, mister!

After the show, we headed over to The Alcove for cake and desserts and s'more Kate-loving. We took over the entire side of the building (not all pictured here) and ate too much. For your reference, I had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge icing and Heath bar crumbles on top.

Some people were overly protective of their food and were practically hiding behind the tree. Which, if you've ever eaten there, is understandable. I had a BLT and it was no regular BLT. All quality ingredients plus a smack of pesto. What? Yes, it was fantastic.

And because so many people love Kate, she got lots of cards and gifts and cake (!!). The present from myself and Ryan included a hot-off-the-line Sock Zombie puppet. The entire sock zombie family is adorable (go look for yourself!) but the puppet is a puppet. So many more brain-eating possibilities with articulated arms. In fact, rumor has it that there is now a theme song in the works...

Part Two of Kate's Birthday Extravaganza is still going on. Join us this Sunday for the Tiki Room 45th Anniversary event at Disneyland. There will be tikis. There will be Dole Whip. There will be lunch at Blue Bayou. There will not be, however, a new dress for me. Time constraints and material incompatibilities have forced my hand and I will no longer be making my own dress. BUT I will be wearing my sweet-ass ukulele earrings, so... you know. I will be awesome.

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adampictures said...

You know what? YOU try ordering the Legendary Tuna Melt at the Alcove, then sitting down to a table full of people who are jealous and angry and looking for any opening to steal bite and fries. I just betcha you'll find a tree to hide under, too.


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