Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in memorium

Well, we didn't BBQ on Memorial Day but don't blame us! Or our lack of a BBQ! Point your finger at the sky and curse this g.d. weather that can't make up it's damn mind already. Thursday it was sunny, then suddenly rainy and then Friday copied that. Saturday was sunny but cold somehow, Sunday was gorgeous. Monday was overcast and chilly and then sunny in quick spurts. I blame the sky. As always. Dang you sky for costing us a cookout!

But who cares? You all ate an extra ear of corn for me, right? And anyway, I overindulged on a sloppy joe at Bird's because... well, because I could. And it was deeee-lishus!

Saturday, we went with friends to see Ironman (that's pass #2 for me) because they hadn't seen it. It was pretty good the second time through also. Just so you know. Although don't skimp on the sour watermelons. I cannot stress this enough. Having an empty candy bag half-way through is a bum chicken if I ever saw one!

On Sunday, I went and got my hair whacked off and Ryan had band practice and then we jetted up to LA to see a show at UCB. Zach and Mimi had seen this show before and insisted that we not miss it. And who am I to argue? Sunday night's show was the Full House "reunion" show and it was hilarious. It was a reunion of the behind-the-scenes crew and cast members of Full House. There was a writer's assistant, a set guy, the composer, Tanny Danner (on whom the show was based) and the stunt coordinator. We watched a highlight reel, which included one of the "very special episodes" where we learned that teasing hurts and it's no fun to be teased. We knew this because Stephanie made fun of a kid from school by calling him "duckface" and it really hurt his feelings bad. After we all nodded and felt that we had learned our lesson, Duckface himself came out on stage! The actor who played Duckface (Whit Hertford) joined the panelists and then we all together watched the Episode Where The Family Goes to a Beach Boys Concert, which is quite possibly the worst episode in the history of television. And shizz man, those Beach Boys cannot act! Their lines were "Hi, we're the Beach Boys" and I didn't buy it. Anyway, we heard about how portions of this episode were filmed on a flatbed truck going 85mph and some scenes were entirely underwater (stunts aplenty!). We also heard right from Tanny Danner how the concept of the show evolved -- from his real life of letting 3 buddies move in with him to cover bad gambling debts to the house full of children and brothers-in-law that we'd come to watch on TV for 8 seasons. Whit Hertford mentioned that he's available to play Danny DaVito's lesbian sister, if anyone is looking to cast it. The composer introduced us to some of his failed jingles (all beginning with "what ever happened to ______? Milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?"). It was fantastic. As always, a boatload of pictures can be found on Flickr [in a separate UCB set].

After THAT we went over to Susina's and had a bounty of cookies (I ain't lyin! Photographic proof is here!), which by "bounty" I mean "bellyache". We scored the last few Cherry Bombs (yay!) and now I am craving them all over again... sigh... ALSO: it was Towel Day (you didn't forget until midnight like us, did you?) and so we wore our towels and watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Now the debate is who do I love more? Mos Def? Zooey Deschanel? Martin Freeman? Marvin?

On Monday, we slept in, went out to breakfast (where every single part of our order was wrong, just a comedy of errors), and then I was going to head off for Disneyland but lovely Miss Kate had some important stuff come up so we skipped out on that and just hung out. Bought some comics, watched some movies, read some books, played some Puzzle Bobble. Y'know, all the stuff that everyone else was doing, sans the BBQ and hot dogs and swim trunks.


christy said...

Hey girl! What's going on! I've been calling but keep missing you! Give us a call back, we have a house now and are prepping it for you and Ryan to come visit! We miss you! Talk to you soon!


Miss Bliss said...

I am madly in love with Mos Def. Just so you know. I'm sure Charlie will be ok with it.


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