Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photographers' Rights

Have you ever gotten the stink-eye about taking a picture in a public place? Or been hassled or threatened for taking a picture? By fellow citizens, security guards, or the police?

It happens every day. And in this terror-sensitive climate that we live in, every citizen is on heightened alert, every security guard a hero, every policeman doing his best to Protect and Serve. Many think that it is in the public's best interest to stop/thwart/not allow photographs to be taken of public places.

Many prominent LA photographers have experienced unnecessary treatement, from rude glances of the public to threats from security guards in the name of "Homeland Security" to threats of arrest by the LAPD, while working around town - which is one of the most public cities in the world. While simultaneously, the Chief of Transit Police told LAist magazine that there is NO LAW against such photography. Instead, the harrassment results from individuals who believe that such "homeland security" laws exist and apply to photographers.

Thus was born the Photographers' Rights Rally, which will take place on Sunday, June 1st in Los Angeles, CA. Photographers of our fair city will peacefully assemble at public locations, including Hollywood & Highland and the Metro @ Union Station. Photographers in cities across America are showing support (while, sadly, experiencing the same treatment) and starting events in their own town. Check for updates.

Black or red is the required apparel for the rally. All manner of photographic equipment is encouraged (video, still, etc.) although due to crowd sizes, tripods may not be practical.

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