Friday, March 09, 2012

RIP Ruckus


I have been trying to compose a respectful tribute to Ruckus, who lost his battle with FIP on February 22, and it's just been hard to write. Not even in an "it's too emotional" kind of way, but just... I try to write something and it never seems to be the right type of thing or the best retelling. I haven't given up, there will be a few things posted here soon. I want to include a retrospective of his life and also an overview of his disease, treatment, and outcome because there is very little available online today about adult cats with FIP.

So why post this today? Because today we bring home the final earthly remains of our dear friend of twelve years. I don't believe that "he" is in his ashes or anything like that, but all the same it's a small comfort to bring him home. We are planning to scatter some of his ashes (again, my selfishness and need to keep some small part of 'him' with me prevents me from throwing them all to the wind) in some of his favorite places. He loved being outside and his daily walks were a great source of his happiness. He had some established "spots" along his walking path that he would stop daily, so it seems fitting that a tiny trace of him should be left there.

I look forward to finishing my remembrances in the hope that those who knew him will find some comfort in the knowledge that he lived a full and wonderful (I'd even say spoiled) life and that all that could be done, was done in his illness. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.


Fizzgig said...

awwwwe. I'm so sorry you lost such a beautiful life to FIP. (I had a 12 yo cat with it too and I finally had to put her down years ago)

It's not easy.

I think trying to educate others would be a perfect tribute for Ruckus.

Again, so sorry for your loss!!

Kate Danley said...

No cat had a better life and was more loved than Ruckus. You did right by him every day and he was lucky to have a mum and dad like you guys. I loved the stories of his costumes and bag rides and walks on a leash. I am so sorry that your family is one smaller...


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