Friday, April 17, 2009

hands full

Wow, I have been really busy lately. My plate at work has been pretty full and at night when I get home, there are movies to watch and crafts to be made. I've taken on several custom orders and a few craft swaps and it's been LOVELY. It makes the time go by quick (and the dirt on my kitchen floor get ignored) in the best way possible.

I like to watch/listen to TV while I'm crafting and this week I've been watching Dexter. I am really interested in where the story is going and I love Michael C. Hall, but dang if everyone else in that show isn't overacted and grossly stereotypical. I've been able to grin and bear it because the story line is really interesting and I need to know but the last episode I watched (ep. 8) was soooo painful. The flashbacks with him and his dad make me yell at the TV. The immediate plan is to finish out season one, but I don't know if I can watch season two without sporking my eyes out in frustration (which is bad for business!).

Other series that I have watched recently that were excellent were Big Love and Breaking Bad. BB has some overacted and unrealistic parts too, but they're more fleeting and thus forgivable. Plus, Bryan Cranston is genius.

All this TV to work on crafts and a couple of trades, which resulted in these beauties:

PhoenixFireDesigns made me this STUNNING Tree of Life pendant of twisted silver wire and rose quartz gemstones. I love her pendants and I told her just to pick a stone for me, so that it would be a suprise. The rose quartz is so pretty - I love it! I need to take better pictures so that you can really see how lovely it is!

Miss Disney offered an in-kind trade for Haunted Mansion goods, but I didn't know what I was getting until I opened the package. What a surprise to find a Madame Leota necklace and tombstone earrings! Leota is magically cast in resin (I have no idea how she does it!) and I am super crazy in love with it.

I've also just wrapped up a new dot painting and am working on a couple embroidery orders AND designing some new HM cool stuffs. Stay tuned!


Snoskred said...

Season two is a completely different animal. Give it a try, watch the first 3 eps and if it hasn't grabbed you by then, it probably won't. :)

For me season two was like riding 12 different rollercoasters all joined up to each other - it is a lot faster paced than season one. They could easily have made a couple of seasons out of it, there was so much going on.

Episode 8 was one of my favourites from Season 2. I loved the shrink, who was the baddie from Ghost. He also directed some episodes of Dexter during season one.

I have a google alerts set for Dexter and found your post that way, thought I would leave a comment and say hi. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Snoskred on this. Give the first 3 eps a try. S2 was amazing. I didn't think they could out do S1 but they did. On of my favorite eps of seaons 1 is Shink Wrap as well. :)

Just a fun show.


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