Tuesday, February 24, 2009

changes and transitions

2009 has been pretty big so far for me - have you felt the same? There have been a lot of big changes all around me, although not to me, necessarily. It's been a strange mix so far. Even though the year is young (it's not even March!) I am already seeing a pattern here. It seems that things are happening unexpectedly. I predict that 2009 won't be a year of lingering decisions and opportunities. Things will happen quickly - good and bad - and everyone is going to need to respond immediately.

As Adam Carolla recently said (paraphrasing) "You rarely get to pilot your own change ship and when changes happen that you didn't instigate, it freaks your ass out." He was, of course, referring to his own situation where his show was suddenly cancelled due to the radio station changing formats*.

Obviously, there are certain changes that I would like to be without. One of my colleagues passed away unexpectedly and will be forever missed sorely. I have lost other colleagues due to layoffs and job transitions. The teenage child of one of my first bloggy buddies passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. It seems the hits just keep coming. Maybe I am not meant to have a dry eye in 2009.

But sometimes I have to take the advice of Ryan (I hate when that happens!) and stay focused. Look for the opportunities, heighten my sense of appreciation for the things that surround me. Like the old saying goes "when a door closes, a window opens" and you have to be prepared for that. Even though the 'good' might seem small, you have to keep heading in that direction for it to grow into something larger.

So for now, you can find me, sitting at the window. With my fingers crossed.

*like all shitty transitions, the change was announced to staff on a Thursday morning and the cut-over was implemented the next day, Friday, at 5pm.


Sizzle said...

I'm feeling similarly. And I'm so sad about Jules' loss.

Miss Bliss said...

I'm with you sister...it's just a little bit much recently. But I also agree with Ryan...the time is now and we are here. So we do what we can and let go of what we cannot do anything about. Live, create, love and hold on to each other as best we can.


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