Thursday, February 26, 2009

why not

A couple of weeks ago I had to create a Facebook account for work, so now I am on Facebook against my will. It's a strange format and I am slowly figuring out how to look up anything. Of course, the first thing that I looked up was people that I know and some people from my past: TEN POINTS FOR EMAILING EX BOYFRIENDS. So far, it's been okay, although I still don't understand the people who are Facebook addicts. Maybe they have more friends than I do? Oh, by the way, I did not use my real last name (since it's a work account) and you'll see no mention of this blog there. So, for what it's worth, you can escape the giddygirlie-ness on Facebook.

I also created a Twitter account, because... well, I'm not sure why. I've been using it a lot for work and been pretty successful and I'm getting the hang of it more and more. So now I have one more vehicle to spout out useless nothings to the interwebs. Hooray! My user name is miss_mia, and again it will largely not mention this website because there is a distinct possibility that work people will follow it and I just prefer to keep some things private. (Translation: they think I am weird enough as it is, without them reading my blog about making sock puppets.)

I've been debating the merits of creating a tumblog also, because I find so many interesting things out there that I think are worth sharing. But I find that I kind of already do that with Google Reader and 'sharing' the content that I get there, so maybe a separate blog is stupid? I'm adding a widget to the sidebar of this blog with the Google Reader feed, so maybe that's enough for now?


Sizzle said...

I'm on twitter too. I'd love to read your tweets. ;-) Find me as "sizzlesays" if you want.

Miss Bliss said...

I love that you make sock puppets...and other things...


Giggly said...

I'm on twitter (gigglymama) and you KNOW it's nonsense if it's coming from me.


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