Thursday, January 15, 2009

winter clothes

I need some help from cold weather people. I am utterly clueless about anything weather-related, because it's generally pretty mild where I am. This is today's weather forecast.

My outfit today for work consists of a breezy, cheesy dress and sandals. And tonight, when the temperatures get lower, I'll be huddled on the couch in sweatpants. So as you can see, I don't know how to dress. Which I accept for the most part, but I'm heading out to New York in 2 weeks and I need to at least try to look presentable. If not "cool" then at least normal. Last time we were there, it was high 30's and no snow, so I was able to get away with jeans and Converse and a warm jacket. But NY is unpredictable! What if it rains? What if it snows? Do I need to buy myself some skinny-leg jeans (in a fat-leg size) so that I can wear boots? Can I get away with maybe a skirt/dress with leggings under and boots? Is that way too 1990's?

What do people wear on a normal day? Also - and this is the super lazy part - I'd prefer not to have to check baggage on my flights, so I'm hoping that everything I need will fit inside 2 suitcases (Ryan only needs 5 cubic inches of packing space) so that I can save the $25 checked baggage fee and also not lose my stuff.

What I will be doing while I'm there:

  • attending Comic Con - no dress code here. I can come in a Halloween costume and/or pajamas.
  • meeting up with Styro and Danielle - I should attempt not to embarrass them to death
  • Going to dinner and meeting some of Kate's friends - first time meeting people, I should TRY and look semi-normal
  • rubbing elbows with Ryan's colleagues/schmoozing - again, this doesn't have to be a formal outfit, but something kinda cool
  • hanging out with Patrick & Lindsay, Katie, and hopefully Pete - these people have all seen me at my worst, so they're t-shirt and jeans folks. Although Lindsay looks like she fell out of a Banana Republic catalog, so I have to try not to look like a turd in a wig.

Practical considerations:

  • lots of walking (city sidewalks - slush, snow, ice, cold)
  • lots of walking (convention hall - concrete floors)
  • public transportation (i.e., stairs)
  • lots of walking (!!)
  • I can't walk miles in high heeled boots
  • cabs will be used, but not exclusively
  • I'd like to have a few key pieces, say, jeans that I can wear 2 or 3 times but can be mixed and matched with different things. This will also limit how much I have to pack.

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AlaskaDanielle said...

Think layers - bring one cardigan that is easy to carry with you. If you get cold, toss it on. Also, easy to wear under jackets.

Leggings = GOOD. Great for during the day when it's cold and you can be casual. Also easy to convert to night time coolness if you're bringing boots.

Multi-task! Wear the same black t-shirt twice! Wear the same pair of jeans all week! No one will care.

Excited to see you!


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