Friday, January 09, 2009

read more comics!

Last year at Wizard World Los Angeles (comic book convention, for those who don't hang out in places with "wizard" in the title), I found these 2 tables for online comics that caught my eye. I added them both to my Google Reader RSS feed and have been laughing ever since. Both are expertly executed by real people who really like their job and really love their fans. (Remember how I totally rocked that Wondermark contest?)

The economy is tough all over, and these fine artists make their living by providing free comics to you on the interweb. To keep them afloat, Dave from Sheldon Comics has asked for a very special birthday present: that all of his readers introduce the world of Sheldon to at least one of their friends.

Now I just have to hope that one person reads this post!

The comic is free (and funny!) and now is actually a great time to start following it on your own RSS feed. Many of the strips are a one-shot (seen above) although a few come in a sequence, but lately all of them have been stand-alones -- which means it's easier for a new reader to get acclimated. If you prefer, there is even a designated starting point for new readers.

So go forth! Support the arts! Add it to your RSS feed! Tell a friend!

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Done! :)


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