Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have oodles of weekend pictures to upload but I can't right now. Why? Because the cat is asleep on the couch next to me and heaven forbid I wake him up. Oy. If you want the full toddler experience, I am glad to loan you my cat. Since Monkey passed away, he's extra lonely and so we coddle him and now he's spoiled rotten and just wants wants wants all the time. Which is fair, I suppose. I took a wild animal and caged him, he's allowed to grumble about it. But man alive! This guy will sit by the front door, demanding to go on a walk, and scream like someone is gutting him.

The irony is that I want to upload the pictures of him out on a walk in his new sweatshirt (hoodie!) that looks like Paddington Bear's coat.

And just like every toddler, he is adorable when he's sleeping. I just want to smoosh his face and kiss him all over. But I won't, because the rule is If You Wake Him Up, You're Playing With Him and I am busy right now. So I will type quietly and try not to move too much.


Giggly said...

I should send Max down to hang out with Ruckus. Max loves cats, Ruckus acts like toddler, puuurrrfect!

Anonymous said...

I wish it wasn't all passe to say that I laughed out loud because this post? It made me laugh out loud. And not in the cliche way. As in, I laughed. Out loud.


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