Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I have been toying with some new blog design stuff in my head for a while now and just can't seem to find the time to actually MAKE it. So tonight I have subbed out a few things here and there. Of course, the button text all looks icky and the banner didn't absorb the color right so now it's crap and vaguely Juno. And my eyeballs are dried out from staring at all the html coding and I can't look at it another minute. Oh well. Sorry folks. This weekend, I will tackle it with some intensity. For now, it's stripey. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Giggly said...

I'm enjoying it!

Wow! I just noticed that you posted some new/Gary wedding pics. I'll have to check those out!

Thanks for the tip about the costumes ;) I ended up ordering the alternatives. I think I like them better and so does Molly!


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