Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday I'm in love

And I think to myself… what a wonderful weekend. No, really, I do. I AM thinking that to myself. And I keep thinking about how to write about it, but I have to admit that I have been pretty distracted. The wind is howling around here and between the 'whatsat?' noises and the way that the bush looks like someone walking past the window when it moves, I keep looking up and then saying "oh, right. The wind." Lather, rinse, repeat for 8 hours. So, yeah, I've got a pretty hard life.

On Friday, Ryan and I met with darling Miss Kate over at ye olde Disneyland so that we could check out the new Halloweentime decorations (which is a semi-new thing that Disney is doing, so they get bigger and better every year). For some strange reason, Ryan woke up on the right side of the bed (!!) and was too chipper and so I slapped some mouse ears on him. And he WORE THEM. Which means that something has gone terribly haywire in his
mind grapes and he's going to be cheerful all day. Oh noes! You will not be surprised to learn that the one and only time (before Friday) that I had managed to get Ryan to wear a pair of mouse ears was when we were invited for a Super Special day at Disneyland where the entire park was CLOSED except for us and Steve Martin and about 2,000 other people – a very rare event. And on that day, he wore the ears for maybe 2 minutes. So this Wearing of the Ears was no minor feat! However, the ears weren't your standard stock, no sir! These were last year's Halloween special ears that I cleverly bought on clearance from the Disneyland outlet store for $1 (instead of $12.95). They feature the Haunted Mansion on a grey hat with the 3 hitchhiking ghosts (my fave) that GLOW IN THE DARK. Zoinks!

The parks were pretty crowded, because apparently whole bunches of kids were out of school - DARN KIDS! - but we did get to ride the Haunted Mansion and peek around at the decorations. Good stuff!

Then we hopped on the 5 freeway for some LA crazy ass traffic and hauled ourselves northward to get to
Kate's show. The plan was for a group dinner and then the show, but traffic cancelled the group dinner plan and poor Kate had to eat by her lonesome. And then I thought I'd take a little shortcut off the freeway, but the shortcut was a lie and I ended up going miles out of the way. So dumb. But we made it to pick up Adam and dash over to Lala's for some competition-style chimmichurri eating before bidding adieu to Adam who was keen to get packing (boo!) and we ran over to the ACME for Scandal! This time around, Kate plays Tiffany Spacey who is an immature (emotionally, she's 8) medical examiner. So she does the most gruesome work all with a baby doll squeak. Of course, she is dynamite. And I had to laugh double, because her "immature" outfit is basically my everyday look. Right down to the roller skate earrings. HA HA HA HA

After the show, I got pounced by a girl in the lobby who wanted to tell me all about her 200 point list of What is Wrong With Sarah Palin and when I tried to politely decline she started the list anyway. Fortunately, she got distracted and went to vent all over someone else (unfortunately for them). So as soon as Kate came out from the post-show rundown, we grabbed her and RAN for a far away place where we could talk freely. That ended up being the French Market Café, which is located inside the French Quarter West. It's like a teeny shopping mall crammed inside a Mimi's Café. Super cute, great atmosphere, but it's the fellow patrons that are the best. It's now 2am and we're chatting over pancakes about the mysteries of the universe and realize that it's closing time for the surrounding locations... so in come the drag queens. Bless their hearts. After a long night of singing and dancing, they come staggering in to refuel on omelettes (egg whites only, of course - a girl has to watch her figure!) and orange juice. One glamorous doll had a 5 o'clock shadow like nobody's business, the poor dear. I got an extra chuckle after using the restroom and realizing that no one had touched either roll of toilet paper all night (because the Queens don't have lady parts!).

After much deliciousness and great conversation, we said goodnight to Lady Katie and headed toward home. Ryan immediately had to pee, so we stopped at the gas station where the attendant wouldn't give out the key. Oh-kay. So down the block to the next… same thing. Again and again. Apparently 3am in WeHo is not a good time for needing a restroom. There are exactly ZERO available anywhere. So he had to hold it until we got home (or into Orange County, where gas station attendants are less jumpy). He lived, all was well. I ended up staying awake a while longer and watching more
Pushing Daisies (we just finished Season One - so good!!) before going to sleep and dreaming of monsters. Yay for me.


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely overwhelmed by what a fantastic time we had on Friday. Disneyland AND drag queens?!? IN ONE DAY!?!? Hanging out with you guys is full spectrum living. AND I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Some actors ground their characters in their shoes. Some in childhood trama. Me? I'm an accessories gal. Tiffany just wouldn't be Tiffany without her roller skate earrings. And how much do I love that I get to think of you before every show as I put them on? I love it a lot.


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