Thursday, October 30, 2008

online dating

I started dating Ryan in 1997 before the internet was a big "thing" and so it was a bit awkward when I had to write my first-ever personals ad.

It was weird. How do you write about yourself without overtly bragging but still letting someone know that you're a good catch? Should I mention the square footage of my house? The neighborhood I live in? The type of work that I do? It was all very foreign, but I pressed on. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That's right. It's time.

It's time for Ruckus to get a new buddy. Now, I know what you're thinking. Dear ol' Monkey has only been gone for a matter of weeks (12, if you’re counting and crying every Wednesday night like me, natch) and it isn't time to replace him. Well, first let me say this: he will never be replaced. Ever. Not going to happen. In my own selfishness, I would like to lock the rest of us away in a time capsule and never look at another kitty lest our memories of Monkey become hazy. But in fairness to everyone else (namely Ruckus) it is time to move forward (not move on). Ruckus has never been an only cat. His entire life he had a "big brother" to tussle with and share the house with. Someone to keep him entertained when we're asleep or snuggle with when he's cold. And right now, he just has us. Which is nice, but not at all the same.

We worry about him every time we leave the house and have spoiled him rotten, interpreting every furtive look as disdain for abandoning him while we have fun or shop for groceries. He has gotten more snackies and walks around the neighborhood and special treats (a new bed for the window, etc.) since he's been an only cat and he's on the verge of being spoiled... um... whatever comes after rotten. Putrid? But all that aside, he needs a friend.

So, I started looking through adoptable cats on the websites for our local shelters and placed a personals ad for Ruckus. I think I came off too braggardly, and I hope that doesn't hurt his chances. I asked for a middle aged cat who is very friendly and cuddly and someone who has been socialized around other cats. I suggested maybe a female who has already been a mother and who would like to groom and love on him (Monkey always groomed him) and share a snuggle spot. While making the case for Ruckus's friendship, I also had to talk us up as parents, which was odd. But in writing about myself, I realized that we've got a pretty sweet set-up for cats. Lots of sunny windows, plenty of fresh air - open windows when it's nice, air conditioning when it's not. The cats have their own bathroom and we're home a lot. Ryan works at home full-time and I work at home at least 3 days a week. We are quiet people and don't have kids or dogs and our neighbors are all adults who are also quiet (except for the "WHAT?! You're an idiot!" coming from someone's window during Monday Night Football). We live at the dead end of a peaceful cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood. We buy premium cat food and have treats and toys galore. We are "cat people" and so we "get" how to handle cats. We grow cat grass (not always successfully, but we try) and have a patio that allows for outdoor time. If New Kitty is up for being leash trained he/she can go on a walk with Ruckus too and sniff out where the bunnies hide in the bushes outside the house. The rules are few (poop in the litter box, don't climb on Ryan's art desk, the fireplace isn't a hiding spot) and snackies are plentiful. Sleep where you want, including our bed. All in all, I think we're not so bad.

Here's to hoping that someone has a perfect match for darling Ruckadoo and we can be a family foursome again soon. Oh, and maybe go to Target without rushing home out of "abandonment issues" of our own.


erika said...

If I were a kitty, I'd jump at the chance to live with you.

Miss Bliss said...

If I were a kitty I'd TOTALLY live with you ROCK as kitty parents.

styro said...

IMO, start spending an hour a week at a different shelter, getting to know the critters, talking to the volunteers. The volunteers know the animals best, because they work with them day after day after day. They'll know who the friendly kitties are, who is desperate for a snuggle, etc.

There's always the kitten option, too, which may have a greater likelihood of success for future cuddling-and-grooming potential. Kittens are kind of a pain in the ass. Cute, but annoying. See also: Zsazsa, who let herself outside to play "chase!" at 6am today before I was wearing shoes OR my glasses. It's november, and it was COLD out this morning. Little shithead.

Regardless, I know you will find an awesome kitty. New pets are never replacements. There is no replacing a family member, you'll always love Monkey. I still miss and love Chet. :) But rescuing another animal and opening your home and heart to them is part of the animal-loving process. There's always room for loving another critter, another new family member. :) Well, until you reach "Crazy Cat Lady" status and somebody has to stage an intervention. (see also: my house.)


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