Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is me. October 1977. I'm something like 4 weeks old in this snapshot. My eyes are still purple (they stayed purple until I was about a year old, then slowly darkened to brown) and my neck is still wobbly. I probably weigh about 10 pounds and am nearly bald. I should have been costumed as peas or a banana maybe even Winky from Wind in the Willows - instead, I was crammed inside a vegetable. A pumpkin, specifically. Thanks Ma & Pa!

Since I can't find the picture of Ruckus as a kitten inside his own pumpkin [for the record: he climbed in there himself], you'll have to accept this picture of Ruckus in a pumpkin costume [for the record: he likes being costumed and the attention it gets him].

I hope you all have a happy Halloween. And remember: don't wear a costume to work. THEY LIE. You will be the only one dressed up. Trust me on this.


Angela Apple said...

Happy Halloween!!

I love the dressed up kitty... but what is that pink thingie on your head?

Bjork homage??

Giggly said...

Happy Halloween! Those pics are fantastic!

Miss Bliss said...

heeeeee...awesome...and Ruckus looks sooooooo cute, you do too but not nearly as happy as Ruckus.

Anonymous said...

You could have used the picture where you had half a smile.. not make us seem like such torturers

giddy girlie said...

the Anonymous commenter must be mom. :)


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