Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I <3 Kevin Stewart

It's been a while since I bragged on my buddy Kevin, so here we go:

Kevin is an amazing bass player. Don't believe me? See for yourself! I am not a musician or skilled in any sort of musical way BUT I knows what I likes and I likes what I see… er, hear. ANYHOOGLE, Kevin is so damn talented that he gets requests from all kinds of places for him to come and play. He's traveled the world over, slapping the upright bass to entertain and delight. His latest stop has a special place in my heart: the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland. He was begged to do a guest spot a few months ago and they loved him so much that they're clamoring for more more more!! This past weekend, he played a gig with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies at the Golden Horseshoe, and although I wasn't able to be there, our dearly beloved Danielle captured it all on video.

This is my new, official anthem:

ALSO: if you want to see him getting slap happy live and in person, he's playing with The Taint on Friday, October 24 at the Unknown Theater (LA).

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Giggly said...

They should play that on the ride!


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