Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You are WANTED

This post lacks all subtlety and tact BUT let me 'splain why... you see, my husband (Ryan) works for a little comic book outfit known as Top Cow. Top Cow has a book called Wanted. Some movie doodz came to Top Cow and said "OMG 4 realz we luv ur buk can we make moobie now plz?" (movie doodz talk like LOLcats - ask anyone in Hollywood) and so they did. Ryan got to go to a special screening of the movie yesterday and loved it. Actually, really, authentically loved it. (I know! Sounds biased, right?) But that's not the important part. The important part is this: Wanted is opening this Friday against Wall-E. Now, I have no beef with Wall-E and lord knows that most of my income is spent in the House That the Mouse Built, but Wall-E is getting some lousy reviews. Which means that it might not open as strong as some of its Pixar predecessors. Which means that Wanted could possibly (with your help!!) be the first movie ever to open with a stronger box office than a Pixar film. Which would be cool, right? (yes!)

PLUS if Wanted does well, there are talks of more movies from Top Cow. Which, as I mentioned, is where my husband works. Which can only mean good things. For me, I mean. Well, actually it's kind of symbiotic -- you buy a ticket, watch an enjoyable movie, and my friends (who worked on the book) and Ryan's co-workers (who had a lot to do with the books and movie) have a job and continued success. PLUS maybe there will be more movies! For you to enjoy!! Plus more work and more money for Ryan - and thereby, for me!


Anonymous said...

I'm IN!!! When are we going?

Angela Apple said...

Does Sunday count as opening weekend? I doubt they even count my cow town but I'd like to make the gesture!!

My mom is coming to town and would probably go with me...

Miss Bliss said...

I am SO happy to hear this movie is good...because I really liked the premise. I had no idea it was a Top Cow book...that makes it even better. I will do my best to get to it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing, though, that Wanted is not exactly as kid friendly as WallE, and I have to get a babysitter if I want to ditch the kids.

Is it babysitter-worthy?

And I'm loving the site redesign, btw!


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