Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need to invent a 'rock star weekend' bootcamp

2 nights at home in a row have softened me. I am now a lazy marshmallow of slothy cream puffed inside pajama pants. What happened to the me of earlier this week? The theme park adventurist! The land-stander-inner? The out-til-midnight-damn-the-curfew girl? The somehow-surviving-on-three-hours-of-sleep enthusiast? Gone.

You know what I did with myself instead? I read. *gasp* I watched TV. *gasp* I took a nap. *gasp* I tinkered with this website. *faints from all that gasping*

Tomorrow is already Friday and there are so many prospects! The city is unfurling before me with myriad adventures to be had! I have received invitations to dinner and movies and dancing and BBQing and swimming and sunning and comedy shows and one act plays and cookies and chimmichurri sauce and moving furniture... and all I can picture myself doing is eating sunflower seeds in my pajama pants on the couch under a blanket with the AC turned to 'arctic' and watching Venture Brothers over and over.

I need to get back into fighting form.


Sizzle said...

Every party girl has to take her power nap. ;-)

katedanley said...

What's happened to you, soldier? Going all soft on me??? Stay at home under the AC??? Desperate times are calling for desperate measures...

Miss Bliss said...

Heeeeeeee...I say you are simply trying to store energy and power for the upcoming ComiCon BLAST!! Honestly I can't blame you...I am WAY too busy this weekend and ALL I want to do is stay home stitch, stitch, stitch while listening to a book.


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