Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday Mania!

After all the fun this weekend, I was exhausted. I told Ryan as we both sleepily ate breakfast Monday morning that I would be in bed by 8pm. He laughed, I told him to shut up. We finished our bagels.

So it was no surprise that Kate, the original Crazy Girl on La Brea, sent me an email in the early afternoon asking was it too crazy to think about going back to Disneyland tonight? Yes. Yes it was crazy. Crazy like a fox! Which meant that we had to do it. Plus, our passes will be blocked out after this week until August, so we had to squeeze in s'more action-adventure time!! Even Ryan didn't want to miss out.

Just before we left, Ryan went and got his hair cut (!!!) so when we met up with Kate, he was able to sneak right up to her unnoticed. He stood directly in front of her making fart noises until she got uncomfortable and scooted away. Then she looked directly at him (holding her nose, no doubt) and realized it was him and burst into laughter. He gave a whole spiel about my not being able to come after all and then I snuck up - surprise!

The heat was much more tolerable, compared to the days before, but my sunburn kept my internal temperature somewhere near boiling so I was basically a sweaty mess the whole time. BUT - fun! We used all of our Disneyland-insider knowledge to sneak through the crowds and exploit the short lines! The highlight was riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad after a three minute wait* while the fireworks were being shot off. They launch from right behind this ride and I know I was tired and a little dazed, but I swear that they were timed perfectly for our ride. We'd come around a bend - boom! boom! Breeze down a hill - sizzle! pop! pop! The sky was full of fire and sparkly glory and it was ALL FOR US.

In just a few short hours, we got to ride in the VIP** Green Caboose which delivered us into the open arms of the Haunted Mansion. From there we set sail through the Jungles of the world, then a jaunty hop directly into our schooner for a trip through the Caribbean (where there be pirates). Plus, a speedy train + fireworks extravaganza, lots of shopping, gawking, and of course, dinner. We also got in line (and quickly quit) for the new Toy Story Midway Mania! ride, none of us were willing to wait 90 minutes to see it. In 6 months it will be the same ride, but with no line (see: Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters).

The drive home was all smiles and Cherry Coke (I intended to get a regular Coke but apparently poured myself Cherry). It was 71 degrees at midnight, and it felt like a winter's day. Ryan and I kept cracking ourselves up (a specialty of ours) about my glow-in-the-dark DMP skeleton shirt that shines brilliantly in the blacklight of the Haunted Mansion. The skeleton on the shirt runs down the left side of the body, with his head on my boob. So as we went through the Mansion and into the graveyard, every jiggle would make him dance. So I started jiggling on purpose (oh, REAL mature!) and we were just cracking up. We're so dumb. And tired.

It was such an awesome night - I am so glad that Kate had the guts to propose the trip. Maybe she's not as crazy as we thought. But she's still almost as crazy as us, which is scary in and of itself.

* The sign said 5 minutes, but it didn't even take that long - score one for us!
**technically, since we are the VIPs, everywhere we go is the VIP area


katedanley said...

So much fun! So much sleepy delirously funny fun! I want to sack out for twelve years. Except I might miss something. I feel like the kid who never wants to go to bed! We went to Disneyland TWO DAYS IN A ROW AND WE WEREN'T ON VACATION! WE ROAD ROLLERCOASTERS AT 10:00 AT NIGHT!

Miss Bliss said...

You guys are crizazy...


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