Friday, June 27, 2008

don't cry for me

I love to look at my stats and my rankings just so I can see how few people care about what I am doing on the internet. It's reassuring. Really, it is. I'm not out here to make money on ads or network myself into oblivion. This site is my journal, since I don't keep a diary. It's where I record my life in a very ME-centric fashion. Totally unpalatable to other people. And that's ok.

But it looks as though 6.5% of my readers are from Argentina! Which is interesting. I don't even know anyone directly in Argentina! And I also rank there!! I'm 397,532!! In the US, I am not in the top million most trafficked sites! So clearly, I need to play to the Argentinians in the crowd. I learned Spanish from an Argentinian, so I already have the accent. Plus, I love their food. So... here I come Argentina!

(also funny, this site was hosted by Blogger for a while and if I look at the stats for that, um I rank number NINE. Out of all the sites on the internet!!! That cracks me up.)

1 comment:

Sizzle said...

Don't cry for me Argentina! should maybe be your tag line? ;)


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