Monday, May 05, 2008

slumber party do's and don'ts

As with anything worth doing, practice is essential. Slumber parties are no exception. We had a great dress rehearsal, and Opening Night will be awesome. A tutorial for anyone else who wants to throw an awesome slumber party:

Do: Get an early start.

Don't: Try to cram in too much good stuff into one short night. We started off at the LA Comedy Festival for the 11pm show, featuring Hair of the Mangy Dog. They were really super funny, and the opening acts were good too.

Do: Eat junk food. We stopped by Swingers diner (seen in the movie!) for grilled cheese sandwiches, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and home-made macaroni & cheese.

Don't: Talk to the waitress. She doesn't give a shit about you. Pretend that you find her bad attitude amusing. Know what you want when she comes over and forget about refills.

Do: Tip your waitress. After she sees cash on the table, you'll get a pained smile. It's all that she can muster because her disdain for you is unwaivering.

Do: Stock up on licorice and assorted candies from Trader Joe's. Then, proceed to eat ALL of them.

Don't: Forget to brush your teeth. Adam will show you his patented 13 step process for perfect teeth maintenance.

Do: Dig out several boxes full of toys to play with. Including the He-Man toy checklist (complete).

Don't: Forget to take lewd pictures of the action figures. Also, tease She-Ra's boyfriend "Bow" because he is such an emo wimp. (He has a beating heart!)

Don't: Dump out the boxes at 4am to make the sorting process go faster. Because it will be LOUD.

Do: Make sure that everyone has time to sleep in the next day. Preferrably, before 5am. Because when someone has to be up at 8am to move furniture you will feel like a jerk for keeping them up all night.

Don't: Let the clock deter you. Break out the Legos.

Do: Tease Adam endlessly for painstakingly storing his Legos in the original boxes. But then secretly admire the brilliance of it and covet all the tiny Lego people with Peter Pan-like outfits.

Don't: Let anyone leave. Even if they have legitimate reasons to go home. Better yet, DO plan ahead so that no one has an early morning plan.

Do: Fall asleep quickly. Ryan and I were given the bed (fancy, fancy!) and we pretty much sat down and fell asleep immediately. Hey! At least we didn't un-make the bed!

Don't: Have to wake up early (I cannot stress this enough).

Do: Have FUN. If you were well behaved, you might be invited back!


Miss Bliss said... when it's actual Slumber Party Show Time we'll know EXACTLY what to do...because there MUST be some silly Morning After The Slumber Party Breakfast...which plays into your the DON'T have something to do the next morning, early or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC run down of our dress rehearsal! Except for the part where you felt bad about the moving furniture. I think that is a HYSTERICAL detail.


Best dress reheasal sleep over EVAH!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I want to play! waaaaah!


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