Monday, May 05, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

Everyone had to wake up early for different reasons, and so everyone got up and headed in different directions. Ryan and I got to sleep in the latest, clocking in a solid four and a half hours of shut-eye. We then headed over to The Comic Bug for the festivities. The shop was CRAZY busy -- they do a good clip of business over there -- and Ryan snuck in quickly and got to work, entertaining the crowds. We were remarking to each other about how this would be the first comic book activity that we have attended with NO gross smells* - good for us! Instead, Ryan was talking to one of the first people in line and Ryan kicked over my drink, spilling soda ALL OVER the floor. Awesome. We traded stink for drink. A fair swap, I'd say.

It was really busy inside the shop and getting a little hot, so I went outside to sit in the shade and wait for Kate and Adam (who were coming, despite only sleeping for minutes the night before). While I was sitting out there, Superman sat down next to me and started chatting. He told me all about how he works at Hollywood and Highland (in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater) as a superhero. He was pretty nice, and then he asked me if I minded if he smoked. He told me a lot about superhero essentials, including the art of 'cupping' a cigarette so that the kids would never see him "Superheroes don't smoke" and the importance of not catching your cape on fire. While we were talking, Supe kept inviting Wonder Woman and The Hulk to come and sit by us in the shade. He was clearly the ringleader of this superhero group, looking out for everyone.

Back inside, Ryan met with a couple people who were actually fans of his. One girl (I didn't catch her name) asked for a sketch and was disappointed by what he came up with.

It was a great crowd, and one of the last people to come through for a sketch was Hollywood Superman. He gave Ryan a copy of the DVD "Confessions of a Superhero" which is a documentary that includes Hollywood Superman, The Hulk, and Wonder Woman. He even signed it in Krypton. He and Ryan had a great conversation and Ryan was really excited to have met him.

After FCBD was over, we headed over to Pancho's for some delicious Mexican food. From there, the gang had to scramble to get on to the Next Thing. Ryan and I weren't in as much of a hurry, so we decided to drive Pacific Coast Highway to get home. We'd never driven this way from Manhattan Beach before, so it was cool to get to see some new sights. Plus, we went over the bridge from San Pedro to Long Beach, which he had never done. The bridge goes 1,500 feet over the Port of Los Angeles, which is the 5th busiest port in the world (when combined with Long Beach, per Wikipedia). It's amazing to see how many shipping containers there are out there! Incredible!

At home, we watched Confessions of a Superhero and I now have even greater respect for Hollywood Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Hulk. I wish I could go back in time and take them all out to lunch. Or buy them a car. They are all really awesome people, who you really come to love - warts and all - by the end of the movie. Plus, the film is GORGEOUS. Seriously, you've never seen such lovely cinematography. The movie website is flash-based, so I can't link directly to the images, but check out the photo gallery. It's beautiful.

*I can't link to past posts right now. Gah! Basically, we always end up with something stinky: failing deodorant, etc.

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