Sunday, May 04, 2008

my brains are oozing outta my ears

I am literally dragging myself across the floor. My brain can't rub 2 cents together to craft a paragraph (see?). You're welcome to take the self-guided tour through my weekend of Awesome until my brain recovers. Sometime in 2056.

For instance, I just added all the pictures and links for the Hair of the Mangy Dog show and then somehow deleted them as soon as I finished. So... sorry, HotMD, those have to wait for the next post. My brain cannot handle anymore HTML.

Friday night, we saw the Mangy Dog show at the LA Comedy Festival. Then on to Swingers for middle of the night dinner. Then slumber party at Adam's house. Then Free Comic Book Day. Then PCH drive home. Then Laila's baby shower. Now... brain death.

Friday Night Slumber Party

Free Comic Book Day!

1 comment:

Miss Bliss said...

Please have another slumber party later in the summer so I can attend!!


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