Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Remember last year when Shannon had a baby? He wasn't small, but he was sweet. And then he started getting bigger and bigger. By four months old, he was singing opera. By six months old he was holding meetings with the board. By nine months old he was WALKING.

And now at a year old (seen above), he is THIRTY-THREE inches tall. That's almost 3 feet people! That's MORE THAN HALF of my height. It's also the 98th percentile... which means that out of 100 babies, there are only 2 that are taller than him. And those babies are anacondas, so they don't count.

All this means, of course, is that the next time I see him, he's going to give ME a piggy back ride and I am going to enjoy it.


Sizzle said...

Please take a pic of him giving you a piggy back ride!


Giggly said...

Ha! Ha! Totally!
He's strong enough to help us move next month :)

katedanley said...

I'm thinkin' SOMEBODY should be the Jolly Green Giant for Halloween this year. If you've got it, flaunt it...

And P.S. HOLY ADORABLENESS!!! He is gonna break some hearts. Right after he finishes ruling the world.


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