Tuesday, May 06, 2008

in every life, rain must fall

...or some crap like that.

While we were out funning it up last Friday, some dork smashed into Ryan's truck. It was parked near the corner, and someone must have been speeding 'round the bend and cracked right into his bumper. The fender is seriously dented and dangling, and there are black tire marks shredding across the street, ending at Ryan's bumper. Meaning that whoever did it must have been going pretty dang fast to get that kind of velocity and do the Tokyo Drift around into Ryan's truck.

I was kind of wishy-washy on checking it all out until today (lazy, lazy) and now I realize that the damage is significant enough that I should probably call the police. *sigh* I don't really want to deal with all that. And other than aesthetics, the truck seems to work just fine. The alignment might be kind of off (from being pushed across the street), but it drives, so... can I just forget it? And no one left a note or seemed to see anything, so it must have happened at night. So what can the police do for us? Nothing, really. And insurance is more hassle than it's worth. Bleh.

For now, we're operating The Lazy Hermit detective agency... waiting to see if any small cars with a smashed up grill show up around the neighborhood. Our first suspect is someone at the Halfway House. There is this house that was sold to a really odd group of people. They look kind of like they could maybe be a family, but I don't think they are. And they regularly have big groups of people over at night (like 30 people, who, annoyingly, take up all the parking spots) and they sometimes look to be on a 'break' - they all come out front and walk in separate directions to chain smoke and make cell phone calls. And the people are all kind of... dissheveled and a bit odd for this neighborhood*. It just makes me think of a halfway house, maybe one that hosts NA meetings or interventions or something? Which would explain all the people. And they've had some run-ins with the police in the past, including someone who drove (drunk) too fast into a parking space and ran through it and took out the lamp post and then got arrested. So maybe there was another incidence of someone falling off the wagon and trying to flee? Maybe the lamp post killer? Or maybe it was just some punk ass kid? I have no idea. But I am going to hide under the coffee table with the blinds shut until the truck magically fixes itself.

*our neighborhood is mostly older-ish couples, whose kids are either late in their high school years or newly off to college. So for the most part, people tend to come home at 5pm and stay inside all night and watch TV or whatever. It's always very quiet and calm around here - so it's odd that this house regularly has 30+ people spilling out onto the streets at night. They are also firecely protective of their privacy. Once, a friend parked by their house and some guys came out to watch him walk away, almost trying to intimidate him from looking. If they're a halfway house, that's cool by me. But dang, somebody needs to get their keys taken away.


Giggly said...

Oh man! That stinks!

Miss Bliss said...

holy crap...hit and run brings on the giant karma trouble. I cannot imagine a half way or sober living house in your neighborhood. How in earth would they be able to afford it? It's not like there's a lot of funding out there for nice houses in residential neighborhoods. They usually show up in fringey neighborhoods, for obvious reasons. But it sure does sound like there are meetings going on there. So sorry about Ryan's truck.

styro said...

Sounds like your neighbors are running an illegal gambling house. Illegal poker is pretty big right now, and that would explain the sketchy behavior, the smoke breaks, the drunkenness, etc. I've seen them in other neighborhoods, and it's exactly as you described. I'd start calling the cops on them when they have that many guests over. Especially since it sounds like one of them toasted Ryan's truck. Also: get it fixed. You'll have to pay a deductible most likely, but you'll regret it later if you don't get it fixed---trust me on this one.

giddygirlie said...

I am tempted to google sober living and see if this place comes up. These people are a little bit strange and I'm wondering if they inherited the house? (they moved in not too long after we did)

but also, the sober living places that I have experienced (second-hand, thankfully) were pretty expensive, I think... About $100 a week with 3 people to a room. So there would be at least 10-12 people in each house. And your money only covered boarding, not food.

katedanley said...

Holy crap! That's AWFUL! I am SO sorry! I would feel so violated and creeped out if I were in your shoes...

I vote that it's a Scientologist invasion. The guy who bashed into your car was probably fleeing for his life. I'm sure that's it.

*Kate sticks her head in the sand a la ostrich*

If you decide to ditch the truck, lemme know and we'll do a group car buying excursion!


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