Sunday, April 13, 2008

I know what you did last weekend

On Friday, I got one of the best compliments of my life. It came courtesy of Adam, who we met for dinner between shows (approx. 40 minutes). He said "You guys really know the value of a minute. You sure know how to pack a night." I'd never thought of it that way exactly, but yeah, we do. Rock on for us (me).

I started off Friday with a crushing headache that eventually forced me to leave work early to seek the quiet, dark solitude of my bedroom. A handful of migraine-kicking medicine and a short nap fixed nearly everything and so I was in a great mood to check out some LA comedy that night. We started the night at Susinas for cookies (the best one, we found out is called "Mont Blanc") and then over to the 9pm show of Ten Little Indiansgenous Peoples of America, starring Daniel Billet (also in Scandal! at 11pm) who is fantastic and a nice guy to boot, and the show was great. Imagine an improv soap opera version of Clue with 10 actors on stage at once. It was incredibly impressive.

After the show, we delivered Kate to her pre-show prep (for Scandal!) and we rushed over to Lala's to meet Adam for a quick dinner full of CILANTRO (sorry, my friend, it IS cilantro) and cheese and a wee bit of steak thrown in for good measure and then high-tailed it back to Acme for the 11pm show.

I left my camera at home which is unfortunate for all kinds of reasons, including that there is no existing video of Kate involved in a cat fight (CAT FIGHT!). The show was awesome, as always, and afterward we hung out at the adjacent restaurant/bar to rub elbows with the cast, show off my felted doll (unintentional, I promise. I only meant to show Kate, but it ended up passed 'round the table), and hear all about T's new job [on a tee vee program that we all like]. We discussed the Superest, toilet paper loyalty, and also Adam's tale of being locked out of the house (the way he tells it is fantastic and I don't want to ruin it, but it involved heavy breathing, monster sounds, and his roommate fainting from fright). A very "us" kind of night. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Saturday night, we went back "up north" to Santa Monica to see Kate's Hair of the Mangy Dog sketch show with all new material (!) at the Westside Eclectic. It's a great little space with no air conditioning, so beware. HoTMD was awesome, even though they were roasted like chickens afterward. I DO have pictures (and video) from the show that I need to post tonight. And even though we were a stone's throw from the ocean, it wasn't much cooler outside, so Kate, Ryan, and I retreated to a toy store to browse around (and lavish in the free air conditioning) before retiring for burgers, flat Coke, and toy-playing. We considered dropping in on Adam in the middle of the night and trying to scare him a bit (he deserved it after torturing his roomie) but decided that it was probably in everyone's best interest (especially Kate) to let Kate get home and get some rest before her big day on Sunday [lady is booked every day of the week, BTW]. We forget that not everyone is as nocturnal as us and that normal people like to go to bed at night and then wake up in the morning. Which isn't at all our usual schedule of sleep from 5-11am, meaning that we're just hitting our stride at 2am. But we tore ourselves away, drove home and then re-watched this week's 30 Rock again because, seriously, it's the best show on television.

We also had to take a moment to lament the empty seat left by Miss Bliss who is super awesome and dedicating all of her free time to a side project of immense proportions, wherein she is the ultimate talent in staging and lighting and awesomeness. While we applaud her efforts and skill, we also miss her dearly and look forward to the show ending so that we can get some face time with her again soon. It's been like THREE WEEKS since we've seen each other which is 42 months in dog years. Too long.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! So when you guys were like, "We want to meet your parakeets sometime", I was biting back the words, "Why don't you follow me home right now!" with the crippling thought, "Oh... it's 1:30AM and they have such a big drive..." Next time, we hang out to see the sunrise. :) I'm still giggling over the mutant monster bash-up... Best time EVAH... AGAIN... hanging out with you guys! Must get Miss Bliss onto the Train 'o Fun soon! You hear that, Miss Bliss? You hear that?!!

Kate "Call Me Alexis Carrington Colby"

Miss Bliss said...

I HEAR, I HEAR!! Sigh...this doing two and three jobs at once shit is seriously getting in the way of my hanging out time!! We just have to aim for the beginning of May, that is when it will all be over and I can get back into the funtime with y'all.


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