Tuesday, April 15, 2008

yay for Monday!

Yesterday started out as a typical Monday - not enough sleep, dragging through work, about to die from the 2pm boredoms and then - AND THEN - I get an email from Kate asking how crazy it would be to go to Disneyland for dinner. Answer? Not crazy enough - let's do it! After that, my day went quickly and I was happy again.

I don't know if you've ever heard of this Restorative Power of Friendship, dear internet, but I highly recommend it. It's quite dandy. Plus, there is dessert. It's fantastic.

We sort of followed the wind last night... just going where ever it 'seemed' right. Which led us to find the Haunted Mansion quarter-pressing machine (which, BTW, by random chance I had a 1999 quarter but after it smooshed it says 666 at the top. I need to scan it to get a good picture) and also cheesecake with hitchhiking ghosts on it (!!!!!)*. After a bit more wandering, we ended up at the Submarine Voyage, which is now a Finding Nemo ride and the wait was only 15 minutes (normally it's close to a 2 hour wait) so we jumped in and yes, we found Nemo, as well as the homage to the sea serpent who used to be the star of the attraction.

I had an excellent time and it was the perfect cure for a Case of the Mondays. So, THANK YOU KATE!

Now, I am just counting down the minutes until we hang out again, which is... uh... Friday. In addition to the usual standing date for Scandal!, we are meeting up early to see Julie Andrews. Yep, that Julie Andrews! She's doing a book tour for her new memoir and we missed seeing her at Disneyland (and secretly glad - look at the lines for the people who got there at 5am and still didn't get in), so we're catching her in LA on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it, not only because Kate is the bomb-diggity (she is.) but also because I am taking the day off from work, so I plan to wander the Natural History Museum and all the surrounding places of interest. Maybe even check out the new BodyWorlds show at the Science Center. I'm just looking forward to NO WORK. But also T.rex bones and plastinated bodies is cool too.

*For anyone who doesn't know how nerdy I am, I love the Haunted Mansion and the hitchhiking ghosts are my favorite, so to get dessert AND a ghostly take-away? I was floored.


katedanley said...

Best. Monday. Night. EVAH!!! Man. I'm sitting here trying to reason myself into going to my very expensive class tonight instead of bailing and heading back to the Park. It was such a perfect trip... Um, and the 666 is BEYOND AWESOME!

Miss Bliss said...

I wanna go to the paaaaaaaaaaark...sigh. Stupid theatre work...always getting the way of my dang fun.


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