Monday, March 13, 2006

you know what time it is

Ok, so I admit. I am a loser. I have been keeping up with Flavor of Love kind of on the down-low over the past few weeks (re-runs on lazy Sunday afternoons are hard to channel away from, especially when it’s rainy and cold and the alternatives are few). I know, I know... it's reality TV. And trash reality TV at that... and yet.
*deep breath*
So last night, I flipped on the TV and there were rerun episodes (leading up to the finale) and so I left it on while I made dinner and what-not. The boys teased me relentlessly, and I told them to shut it or they would be eating cat food for dinner (this worked surprisingly well). During dinner, we left it on, because by that time they were both interested in the goings-on ("who just said that? Hottie? She is such a bitch" "Oh, I bet that Pumpkin wins") and so it just stayed the rest of the night. It was just kind of background noise while we worked on stuff and did our own things... but we still kept an eye out. So then Evan left to hang out with his new girlie and I said "don't forget your curfew - be home by 10" and he says "oh yeah, the final episode? I’ll be home". Sadly, he was. He says it was coincidence, but I am not so sure. Does this make me a bad parent, to make your kids come home in time to watch crappy reality TV??
I suppose it speaks volumes about our maturity that we both practically peed from laughing so hard at the spit-in-the-face exit of Pumpkin. And that we chose to watch the show in the first place. But as it turned out, all three of us ended up lined up on the couch last night waiting for the final elimination - which was at the end of a 90 minute episode (man, how did I get sucked into that one??). Although I don't see any real future for Flavor Flav and Hoopz, I am glad that New York got sent home.
[/reality show rant]

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