Thursday, March 02, 2006

faith & friendship

My faith in the kindness of people -- even strangers -- has never been stronger. In fact, I am shaken and stirred and frazzled and... overwhelmed, frankly.
Geekman was so generous to redesign this site, so that you could stare at my ass slung up in a horseshoe.
Solonor is now the heir to my first-born child for installing MT on this site, so that I can blog like a grown-up.
Neither of these fine fine fine examples of human beings knows me at all -- in fact, I don't even know their real names -- and both sacrificed a great deal to help me out. I couldn't appreciate it more. I honestly couldn't. If you know either or both of these people in real life -- please give them a squeezy hug for me and buy them a burrito or cocktail -- their choice! -- and I will pay you back. I promise. And I vow to pay it forward... so when you need $5 or medical advice or marketing counseling or a knitted blanket, I am your gal.

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