Thursday, March 16, 2006

Attention Comic Nerdz

Disclaimer : this post is full of boasting and bragging and general ego-boosting
This weekend is the Wizard World convention in LA, which is in LA for the first year. Previously, it had been in Long Beach, where it had to battle against Grand Prix set-up crews, which sucked. Now it's in LA and I don't think it's going to be much better. The area is kind of shady, and a pain to get to from our house (yes, I am lazy), and then I heard Kevin Smith talking today about Sunday is the LA Marathon -- lol. This means that there will be 50 million EXTRA people crowding around. Uh, no thanks. We might go on Saturday for a bit, if we go at all. We're still kind of on the fence and no one else in our crew seems to excited about it (except those who have autograph signings and what-not).
Instead, on Sunday, we will be up in LA for something else -- to support the local organic farmers who are being bullied off their land, and their Market is being closed to make way for... what else?... expensive buildings! This has been one of The Kid's causes that he's been working on, to raise funds and awareness, and Sunday may be the last time that the Market is open to the public. Most likely, we will be there.
In other braggardly news, May 6, 2006 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (yes, it has its own website) and Ryan has been working dutifully all week to finish up the pages for the book he's working on (it isn't listed on the Free Comic Book day site yet, and I'm not sure if I am legally allowed to reveal which series it is - hooray for non-disclosure agreements!), but in any case it will be ready and Ryan will be available LIVE! IN PERSON! to autograph his work at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA on May 6th. I know you're excited -- so I wanted to give you plenty of time to plan ahead. Remember, the 6th is a Saturday and you'll be nursing your Cinco De Mayo margarita headache, so be prepared. Vomiting chips & salsa on the autograph signers is not allowed. Bring them chips & salsa, however, is allowed.

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