Monday, March 27, 2006

where you been, girl?

guess I should start with St. Pat's since we're just about recovered. Not to say that I personally imbibed any green beer, but it was great just the same. The rain and cold and RIDICULOUS crowds at the pubs forced us back to John & Rosey's place where we listened to Dropkick Murphys, watched Boondock Saints, and gagged on Guiness - simultaneously, of course. We ended up staying out all night long, because you know how it goes when John's been drinkin'... it gets Mia to start challenging him to cards! It was a hectic game of Skip-Bo, with Rosey kicking our asses (even though she claims that she doesn't remember any of it -- she said she thought she dreamed about playing cards).
This past week was so completely chock-full that last night somewhere 'round about midnight my brain started to collapse upon itself. My New Boss is changing roles in the company and so last week was my last week "with" her (although she's just down the hall, I needed to wrap up about a bazillion projects and questions before she left me) and we also had a Mondo Event that didn't pan out to be so great, but it ate up forkfuls of our time. Simultaneously, I tried to squeeze in some PTO* to visit with my favorite (and only) Niecely Beastie, Molly. She and her 'rents were here to tour some colleges and decide where they would be moving in the Fall. Apparently the choice was easy, one glance at Clairmont and the decision was made (Miss Bliss, hook us up! This is your 'hood!). They'll be moving here in the pursuit of art and happiness, and a little education, I suppose, this August. Ryan is beside himself with excitement to have some of his favorite people only a half hour away! Woo hoo!!
So while they were all here, we took a jaunt off to the Happiest Place on Earth (check Flickr for photographic evidence) which was perfect. We missed the Spring Break crowd, the weather held up just right (not too hot, the rain blew away), and I got to spend a lot of time with Miss Molly. She is so freaking adorable, I could puke. In a good way. While the Big Kids went on the fast rides, she and I rode It's a Small World repeatedly -- she couldn't get enough of the mermaids and my heart just melted every time she impersonated the way they sing (as if underwater : sing the song, but run your finger up and down on your lips really fast at the same time). I tried to coax her on some other rides, but she kept telling me that she wasn't ready, but probably when she's 8 she'll be brave enough (she's 6 now) for the Haunted Mansion. Kids!
I also used some of my time off to read (I think I read 4 books) and watch movies (about a hundred of 'em). It's amazing what you can do with vacation time when you stay in your pajamas all day and stay up 'til the wee hours of the night! It sure makes going back to work SUCK. ASS.
*Paid Time Off, for the folks following along at home

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