Wednesday, February 22, 2006

designed with ME in mind

I am in crush with my new layout, aren't you?

Geekman slaved away to make this the Most Beautiful Site on the Internet, and I am forever in debt to him for his expertise. Now, you can look at my butt crack every day without paying for one of those hassle-filled porno sites. Yeah, this is how the internet was supposed to be!

I'm so excited, and now I have nothing to say! Blargh! I promise to think of something GOOD and then post it (versus the usual verbal diarrhea), and keep up on my updates. Cheers and 1,000 thanks to Geekman!! When you're ready to upgrade your site to look boooootiful, you should talk to this guy. He's knows his shizzy!

*also, if anyone knows anyone who is an Movable Type expert who has worked with GoDaddy web hosting, shoot me their info. I am interested in a blog upgrade, but GoDaddy needs some special modifications to work with MT, and only certain smarties have cracked the code*

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