Monday, October 03, 2005

CHOC walk

Q : What time should you go to bed if you've got a charity walk at 7am?

A : If you answered 3am, then you are right! Why so late?
  1. it's not late, it's early
  2. because 10pm is a good time to start listing things on etsy
  3. because 11pm is a good time to start listing things on eBay
  4. because 12am is a good time to stretch out on the couch and laugh at SNL [God love Steve Carrell]
  5. because 1am is a good time to start assembling your new shelves from Ikea
  6. because 2am is a good time to stand back and say "Is it weird that I kind of like the industrial kitchen look of these? Even in the bedroom?"
  7. because 2:30am is a good time to flop on the bed and ask "since we've now gotten the piles of books off the floor, can I go to the used book store?"
  8. because 3am is too late to start painting shelves, especially after you have already filled them up with books, so you should just go to bed.

Despite the lack of sleep, we got to the walk on time and had a lot of fun. There were some emotional moments -- how can there not be when you're there to raise money for sick kids?? Our team raised over $10,000 which was... amazing. And that's without the company match! Yay us!!

When we got home, we were tired but kind of awake... so we had some breakfast and then decided to watch a movie. Last week Ryan moved the 'old' DVD player into our bedroom, which is the BEST place to watch a movie. You can get all cozy and comfy and then just pass out 30 minutes into a movie... the BEST. Plus, I have one of these u-pillows (thanks ma!) which makes snuggling into bed the best. thing. ever.

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