Tuesday, October 04, 2005

queerest of the queer

My gaydar is waaaaay off lately, apparently. In the past two weeks I have learned that
  • one of the faggiest guys that I have ever met - limp wrists, girlie shriek, side-parted hair, conspiratorial 'just us girls' tone of voice - is actually married. To a woman. And has been for some time. Hmmm.
  • one of butchiest chicks around who I swear winked at me more than once and is always flirty with me* is also married, with children, and madly in love with her hubby. She's a softball player**. Butch hair. Muscular arms. Rough voice. White jeans. Maybe a candidate for What Not To Wear?
*not because I am cute, but because gay women love me... I think it's my non-threatening dorkiness.
**no offense to anyone -- it's a stereotype, but seriously this chick has top ramen hair

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