Thursday, September 29, 2005

the blind leading the naked

Valium, anyone? I just spend an hour on a WebEx meeting with 10 other people and was the only one who is even slightly technologically competent. I want to bash my head on the desk or go on a killing spree. Plus - PLUS - no one in but me had their phone on mute, so the conference call was muddled with background noise from NINE OTHER PEOPLE, which is freaking annoying : nails on chalkboard.
Example from the DQ&A* :
DQ : well, can't you change the database so that when I download it into excel, it automatically sorts itself alphabetically?
A : it already does that
DQ : oh. well... I guess you're right. I was thinking alphabetically by street name.
A: you can do that easily in excel, if you need to. just sort the info and you're all set.
DQ : then can you make it so that when I download the report, I don't get the phone number field, because sometimes I don't need the phone numbers?
A : it's better to leave the phone number field in there, and you can delete the column in excel after you download it.
DQ : can't you just re-write the database?
A : yes, but that would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and in any case everyone else uses the phone number field. the best course of action is for you to delete the column in excel.
DQ : oh, ok. how do I delete in excel? and what's a column?
*DQ= Dumb Questions

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