Wednesday, September 14, 2005

forgot to blog it

Recently I was browsing -- never hurts to keep your options open, right? -- and I came across a job for a travel agency that fit with my experience and expertise and the posting had a list of duties, ending with "must be flexible and open minded". Ok, fair enough -- we all know how that goes, right? You get hired as, say, and admin and you end up being the Project Coordinator handling multi-million dollar projects but being paid $12 an hour. Anyway, I'm thinking it can't be all that bad, and I am just about to fire off my resume and then I realized that the recruiter's email address is on the page and gives the web address. Awesome.
So I pull up the page and.... oh my god... ok, well it turns out that open minded is a whole other thing, because this agency deals exclusively with 'adult industry' and 'swinger' travel. In a million years, I would never have thought such a place existed!! Not that I am a swing lifestyle expert by any means... but I just never pictured buying a vacation package that included round-trip air, hotel, transfers, free meals, and a portly 50 year old couple in leather chaps in every room. Call me conservative, but I just never imagined it...
So I was chatting with my old boss from my Travel Days and I tell her about the job posting that I found and we laugh. And then stop laughing and start wondering about pay... they have to pay well, right? Considering the extrememly confidential nature of the business, they should compensate pretty well, right? She tells me to send a resume, get a line on what the salary is. I chicken out. Then she calls me 2 days ago to tell me that one of her agents (she works somewhere else now) just resigned to take THAT job.   !!!!!!  Sadly, the girl won't share what her new salary will be and asked that the new job be kept on the down-low.

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