Monday, September 19, 2005

drive drive drive

This weekend Ryan and I went up to Pismo Beach to visit grandma. I took a lotta pictures, because I got a new memory card -- woo hoo! -- so now I can take 800+ pictures in a single session.

I had such fun with Molly, our neice, who draws TONS of pictures. I snapped a few pictures (she was severely embarrassed, so I had to stop) because I just LOVE them.

It is probably one of those you-had-to-be-there things, but Ryan and I were driving after lunch with Shannon and Randy, and at this intersection I whipped out the camera to take a picture of these dinasours made of metal. I clicked and a car blurred through the picture, so I told Ryan to stall a minute longer and let me get the picture - which I did. Then I went to the car picture to delete it and it was Shannon and Randy in the picture!!! She apparently saw us waiting at the light and was waving. We didn't see them at all, until I looked at the picture and we screamed "NO WAY!!" all the way back to the house.

Later we saw this RV parked on the street, which is plastered in science posters and paraphanilia. It looks like it was originally decorated for the bicentennial in 1976 and then the science stuff was added later. The webpage advertised on the side of this thing reads like a schizophrenic diary.

We went down to the beach to collect sand dollars (they're everywhere on Pismo Beach) and we saw a lot of seaweed, including these crazy giant ones and some that look like whale sperm or something. The water was FREEZING but Molly and I waded in to collect shells and dollars. I even got Ryan to wade in a bit for a dorky picture of us.

We also got to look through some of Randy's paintings in person (photographs don't do paintings justice, especially if you're a purist). I didn't have time to photograph them all, but he will have professional ones soon, because he's doing a show in October.

The drive wasn't too bad, the day was beautiful and we listened to Dane Cook and Mitch Hedburg CDs and got cramps in our faces from laughing so much. Did you know that your WHOLE FACE can hurt so much from laughing?? Yeah, it does. And Dane & Mitch do it to me every time.

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