Friday, September 16, 2005


I've made a decision : I am going to decide.
A lot of you know my challenges with finishing my RN certification, because of school/work conflict (essentially, I can't afford to work 40 hrs. a week for free and that's what I need to do to finish) and that I am beating my face on my desk daily because I can't stand this job anymore. So I am in a pickle -- how do I get enough money to go to school for a year while not impoverishing myself and living in my parent's garage?
I'm on the cusp of deciding whether or not to take out a student loan. I've put it off this long, to save myself the expense later, but it's the only realistic way of finishing my education. Since nursing school isn't really that expensive, I can probably only borrow $6k or $7k -- which ain't enough, folks. I need a big ol' handsome sum that will keep me in my apartment and full-up on gas. It's not like I can slum it up in a dorm room or ride my bike -- which is definitely to my disadvantage. I'm too old to be thinking about sacrifices and inconveniences... I'm settled in my ways and cozy in my apartment... I don't really want to pick up and move into the barrio for a couple of years. And I was thinking that if I do borrow money, shouldn't I aim higher? Shouldn't I take advantage of being a full-time student and do something that I have always really really wanted? Yes. So I am meeting with some people next week to discuss my plan to tackle the rest of the classes for my BA. That's right, I'll be a higher education lady now. Bwah ha ha ha.
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