Friday, July 22, 2005

true story

Today, I was in an elevator that crashed. YES IT DID!! It did a free fall from the 2nd floor to where ever the bumper-thing is on the ground under the first floor. Scary? hell yes! I was more afraid of being trapped, although I've learned a lil' about elevator escape in my years in the hotel biz (long story short : Firemen can do nothing for you, especially if you're in the kind that has the left-to-right closure, rather than the 2 doors that meet in the middle. At least that way, they can pry it open) and I knew since I had the double-door action going on, I could always pry the door myself (with a tampon, presumably, since that's just about all I had with me at the time*). Luckily I was only there for like 2 minutes before it somehow 'reset' itself and rose back up to the first floor (the stopper thing was only like 2 feet below the first floor). I was also grateful to be alone so when I peeped out "shit!" in some birdy little kid voice no one laughed.

After that, everything else was pretty dull. It was hot today (91 degrees** by 11am) and the humidity is killing me. I hate humidity sooooo much - although I do want to go to VA and see the fireflies! It was so hot that I never left the office for lunch (plus I was dressed all formal-like for this event at the Training Facility with the faulty elevator) or even went downstairs to our in-house cafeteria because our building maintenance group insists that 76 degrees** is a 'comfortable' indoor temperature - not! - and so going up and down stairs = hot girl = irritable girl = grouchy = clonking people with hole punchers. Not a good scene. I did upload my Flickr pictures of the ComicCon, if you're interested in seeing my cleavage or a life-size statue of Ash from Evil Dead.

Tomorrow is the big show at the Anarchy Library -- I hope some of you can make it out. Unfortunately, Will is off slutting it up in NY so he won't be there -- but don't let that deter you! I will still sell you a stolen set of his underpants -- there is still incentive to come out! Plus, it's all for a GOOD cause. I can't say enough how much I believe whole heartedly in the innocence of these 3 guys and how they are being punished for being poor. I read Damien Echol's book just the other night and it is so powerful... mostly for its simplicity. He IS you. And that makes it all the more sad... except he isn't sad. His strength is incredible. If you are open to it, I highly suggest buying the book or donating money to the charity -- they even take PayPal! -- because every dollar makes a difference.

*and I don't mean this in a gross way... I mean I had a new, unwrapped one in my pocket
**for the Canadians in the crowd, this is like 678 degrees Celsius, I think. I can't be bothered to look up a conversion chart right now... I am a lazy American.

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