Monday, July 25, 2005

rear view weekend

This was a weekend of really wonderful things -- and very tired feet. A bullet-point synopses [to keep you from falling asleep] :
  • the Awareness Day show went really well. Everyone showed up (and nearly on time too!) and we had very few hiccups... we managed to raise a little bit of money and hopefully a lot of awareness too
  • The lovely Lady V came to the show -- quite unexpected! I haven't seen her in a few years and I just wanted to cry that there she was, in the flesh! It was sooo good to see her again and to find out what a small world it is -- she works with the wife of Ryan's editor (who we know from the Conventions). I even got to meet Divaluxe who makes the most beautiful hairpieces [which Miss V models] that I covet and yet am waaaaaaay too nerdy to actually wear.
  • Nick Oliveri was nicer than I could have expected. His wife (girlfriend?) even came up to me after the show to say that she and Nick wanted to donate money -- um, he waived the booking fee for his band to play at our little dive bar and drew a big crowd -- I think that's plenty!
  • Yesterday we went to the Fair and saw my collections -- guess who won Third Place? HELL YES I DID!! I have pictures to post (maybe tonight).
  • Today I reconnected with my old bestiest friendliest pal, M. I am soooo glad to be back in touch with her. Now I just have to find time with all the wedding planning stuff [the one that I am in, not her wedding] to squeeze in dinner with her and her squeeze! I love the innernets... finding all your old pals and bringing you back together.
  • My feet feel like 1,000 tiny spears are ripping them apart. Something about standing on cement floors for 12 hours at a stretch just doesn't jive with my feet. hmm.... I wonder why. At least I was smart enough to wear flats (the infamous creepers) on Saturday, if I would have worn my cutie shoes, I'd be in a psych ward, for yelling at my feet "you bastards! Stop with the aching!!"

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