Thursday, July 21, 2005

hi ho hi ho

what's the worst part about work? working.

and now the Company has installed a new website blocking device that will pop up every now and then reminding you that "this site has been determined to have NO legitimate purpose at all and you really should clean up all those files on your desk before you even DARE to start googling everything in the known universe, idiot face". *sigh*

now that I know "they" are watching me, I am backing off the daytime emails (oh the humanity!) and such... even though it IS my lunch hour and TOTALLY legit. I still feel like a tard calling up IT and asking them to unblock "girls gone wild" because I have put in 40 hours already and it's barely Thursday and if I want to hear terrible steel drum music and see some wigglin' tits while I eat my breakfast burrito it's my god-given right as an American.

That said, please IM me if you have any really cool news (I don't want to be the last to know!) and look forward to my 11pm comments on your site "dude, sorry i didn't read this before you were soundly sleeping, because i totally could have helped you with that excel file/girlfriend issue/flatulence problem". bleh.

Also, I put all 200-something of my Comic Con pictures on CD and will be using someone else's high speed intraweb access to upload them to Flickr tomorrow. Please come and look at them. And laugh. You'll need to, seriously. Teaser : Ryan w/Princess Leia in the slave costume. Hell yes there are boobs involved.

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