Tuesday, July 26, 2005

County Fair

Not to brag or anything, but someone won Third Place in TWO collectibles contests... and then immediately gorged herself on fresh roasted corn and farmer's market cherries. Gotta love the Fair!!

Also, how much do you love the pig races?! (thanks to my sis for taking the video -- that's her cute laugh you hear)


In other news, I have some sort of stomach-cramp flu thingy going on and am miserable. Anyone have any suggestions for reading (other than the new Harry Potter -- I haven't read the series yet and I can't start at the end!!)? I am almost finished with "Stranger Than Fiction" which I LOVE (thanks Styro!). I have also posted some of my other recent reads at my Library Blog. I am open to a book swap, if anyone has anything that they want to borrow/trade!!

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