Thursday, May 19, 2005

food diary

In relation to yesterday's post, what I eat on an average day reads something akin to most people's garbage contents. Not that I eat orange peels (on purpose) or anything, but I eat so scarcely and so sporadically. No wonder I am always so hungry and tired.

Yesterday :

  • 10am - half a sip of lukewarm water (it was lukewarm, therefore gross, so it was poured out)
  • 11:30am - one piece of a Bit O Honey
  • 1:30pm - handful of spicy chips
  • 9pm - half a turkey whatever-else-is-left-sandwich (Ruckus ate most of the turkey and Monkey ate the olives)

Today :

  • 8:35am - half of a small danish (too sweet)
  • 9:30am - cup of tea
  • 10am - 4 hash brown nuggets (read : deep fried tater tots)
  • 12:33pm - nothing else so far

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