Monday, April 18, 2005


This weekend I got so little done... but I have this total false sense of accomplishment. This is owing, of course, to the fact that I was out and about.

Saturday, Ryan had some work to do for my mom's business at her office, and I agreed to tag along to keep him company, providing that we swing by Barnes & Noble and pick up the book that I have been wanting. We did that and more, and ended up $150 poorer and 2 bags of books heavier, but overall happier. While he worked in the warehouse, I rolled up the big door and let the sunlight in. My mom's medical company sells these big, deep memory foam chairs for patients who sit for long periods of time and I pulled one of them badboys out of the show room and into the sun, where I kicked my feet up (footrest) and read Stiff : The Curious Lives of Cadavers which is the coolest book that I have read in a long time. It's not at all icky and gooey and I think even a layman or someone not interested in anatomy would enjoy it. Anyway, between the hang-out sesh at ma's office and Ryan's other work that afternoon, I finished up the whole book. It's ready to loan -- just lemme know if you're curious too. That night he was tired (wah wah wah! "I'm tired! I worked all day!") so we made it a mellow night and watched Orgazmo which is hilarious, if you like Trey Parker's humor. "Jesus and I love you!"

Sunday was pretty mellow too, and we ended up getting in the car and just driving. We took Jamboree to PCH and headed north, intending to stop at Main Street in Huntington Beach, but it was busy, apparently due to a beach side art fair and coastal clean-up day. Instead, we kept going and ended up stopping in Seal Beach, which is cool because it's not pretentious like some of the other beach cities around here. It's the kind of place where your "average" person could feel comfortable, you don't have to be a millionaire or art collector or pro surfer or bikini model. I like it. Also, they have a cool shell shop and I always want to browse through. I restrained myself yesterday and only bought a few things to fill in my Sailor's Valentine design that I am working on. (I have had this cup full of shells from our trip to Turks & Caicos and have FINALLY decided on what to do with them.)

Last night I had a dream about uor friend Kevin, who I haven't talked to in a few months, so I looked at his website today to see where his band is (they have been in Italy, touring, and he begged us to fly out and meet him but we didn't make it) and it turns out that they'll be in Long Beach on May 5th - yay! Also, on his website is this ROCKIN' picture of him... seriously, can YOU play a stand-up bass while standing on it?? NO - I didn't think so. Kevin rawks. He's getting married soon at the Madonna Inn and I am looking forward to it. If you have never been to the Madonna Inn - look here at their rooms. The last time that my parents were there (a few months ago) they got the caveman room -- even the shower is built into the rock. I am undecided about which room I might like to stay in -- maybe the love nest? But will my brain permanently warp from so much hot pink?

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