Tuesday, April 19, 2005

so sleeeeeeeeeepeeeee

I have no one to blame but myself (hey! is this why I hate myself so much??). I knew better than to stay up late. I knew better than to start sewing another cake at 11pm. I definitely knew better than to pick up a new book at midnight. I knew better than to get up at 1am, just to chat, when Evan got home. I knew better than to let myself get riled up into a raucous game of "name that food" when Evan microwaved his latest vegetarian concoction (Evan won with "McRibless"). I really knew better than to even think about picking up that damn book again when I climbed back into bed at 2am. I knew that I was bad and that I was going to be so sleepy in the morning, but... but... but....

In my defense, the book is literally intoxicating. Read the intro here, then tell me if I was right to only get 3 hours of sleep last night. Add that up to the fact that I mistook New York Dolls for Van Halen for a brief moment yesterday (don't worry - Punk Patrol has been notified and I am being issued a citation) and I am pretty much losing all last remaining signs of coolness.

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