Thursday, April 14, 2005

mail call

I am admitting right now that I have not finished all of the projects that have been requested of me. I have not sent out all of the books that I have borrowed from my long distance friends. I haven't even started some of the projects that people have asked for.

BUT I did send off three packages this week to some cool people and now I am just waiting... I don't care if you go "this is stupid" and throw it away. Can you please just let me know that you got it?? I am on the bad list at the post office for sending odd packages and things in ziploc bags and what-not. They hate my guts and like to "lose" my packages. So if you can just say 'yea' or 'nay' that would be awesome. Thanks.

Also, I have had "Baby Lou Tattoo" in my head ALL WEEK - am I insane? Or am I psychic? I just found out that the Horrorpops are playing on 4/24 at Alex's Bar in Long Beach -- who else wants to come??!

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