Thursday, March 17, 2005

where you at

Today, being St. Patrick's Day, I have sported my finest green garb (below). As you can clearly see, I am fuckin' rad.

Also, I didn't realize until just now that you can see my Tinker Bell necklace in the picture - oops. Yes, I really am THAT kind of nerd.

Watch this!

For all of you kind folks who asked (and subsequently said 'oh, that's cool, I guess') : no, I am not going out boozing tonight. I am over-extended right now and just don't have time for frothy green beer and sobriety checkpoints, sorry. Instead tonight I have to do my homework and read like 5 chapters before class tomorrow, pick out my next microbial samples*, finish the new website that I am building for someone - possibly update my own, plus get to bed at a decent hour (I have been up since 5am) and get to school earlier than usual. PLUS tomorrow, I have 6 hours of school, come home, catch up on work, and get ready for my real St. Patrick's Day plans : Flogging Molly at House of Blues. Saturday, we have a full day of the convention (big pimpin'! Hire my husband! Help me option a book for a movie!) - if you need any autographs or pictures or whatever, email me! - if I get a chance, I'll have Lou Ferrigno do an audioblog post or something. Sunday, we have 1/2 day at the convention again, and then off to Jamie & Chris's baby shower. It's a couples shower and ALL the men are shaking in their boots, afraid that they have to play the poop in a diaper game.

I also have to give Danny a smooch for giving Ryan props in his recent interview for the San Diego Comic-Con. It's a month old now, but I just found out that he stops by my site now and then and needs more mentions.

Ok, so I am officially signing off for the weekend. See y'all Monday! xoxo

*we have to bring in samples of things in our house that are sold as 'antibacterial', like soaps and cleansers, etc. and we are going to see how well they really work. If anyone has anything that they want to know if it really works, email me before 8am tomorrow.

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