Monday, March 21, 2005

more soon

I posted a wonky post earlier that was... um... wonky and lame and all the picture links didn't work. *sigh*

Instead, a bullet list titled "my weekend" :

  • Flogging Molly spanks my ass -- and I love it!
  • I want to have 100 red haired children who play accordian
  • what's up with the old lady hogging the good spot along the bar to make. her. grocery. list.
  • if you like Ashlee Simpson, please leave. yes YOU
  • drunk in a kilt and an IRA shirt
  • lotsa connections at the Geek-a-zoid Con
  • saw batman, robin, transformers AND porn stars
  • also, I fell in love with Chris's wife, Jamie, who is the most adorable pregnant lady ever. Here she is looking ghetto fabulous.

One of her shower gifts was an embroidered wife beater with the baby's name on it -- also a gold necklace charm with the same. She's the best looking Baby Momma ever!

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