Tuesday, March 22, 2005

soap box bloggery

I apologize to her friends, her family, her husband. I am so sorry for their loss. 15 years ago she suffered a horrible heart failure and her brain suffered dearly. Despite their best attempts, the doctors were not able to undo the damage in her dear little head, and now the brain has gone cold - stagnant and aches to die. In its death throes, it lets off little electrical discharges, small flickers and twitches. Some make her eyes blink, some make her skin jerk and pull. For as impressive as the show is, the movements are meaningless and unpredictable. Her organs function only minimally, her soul begs to release itself from the earthly body that is holding it captive. I can understand the grief, the suffering, the pain that the family feels during this - I honestly do.

But, let me say this : George Bush - stay the FUCK out of family matters. I don't care how much you're trying to kiss up to Florida and groom Jeb to take over the White House. Allowing Congress to call a special Sunday session to sneak a bill into action and then the ONE time in your presidency when you got off your lazy ass and ended your vacation early it was to sign in this bill that affects ONE person and tramples on the rights of everyone else.

Michael Schiavo, husband of Terri Schiavo:"Right now I am very outraged. This is a sad day for Terri and this is a sad day for everybody in America because the government is going to trample on all of your personal and private matters. This is an outrage, they have no business in this matter. Terri made her wishes, it has been adjudicated in a state court over the last seven years. Eighteen judges have heard this. Appeals have been heard. The Supreme Court justices have heard this, and now the House of Representatives and the Senate are saying that they are wrong. They are thumbing their nose up at the constitution." [taken from Democracy Now!]

Just because you don't like the decision, doesn't make it wrong.

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